Me without me..

Me, The over enthusiastic me Degrading the enthusiasm.. Me, The big dreamer me Delimiting the boundary.. Me, The dopamine king me Tolerating the mediocrity.. Me, the passionate lover me abandoned the compassion.. Me, The nobility seeker me humiliating own soul.. Me, Who is me?? The older was me?? Or this is me?? Advertisements

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Craving for a Pen, Wet clay , a toy train ; I want my childhood to come again. Tickles, stories , an old woman who cared ; had bestowed upon me blessings in prosperity and pain. Perplexed of ‘perceiver’ whom never met in me; ‘Wandering clouds’ seen in confinement and abstain . The period of […]

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Is this really the situation which make us unhappy or just the neural control that regulate our mood? What actually make us feel depressed? Is it the feeling of inferiority which makes us unhappy by comparing our life or ourselves with other ? why dont we get satisfied with our selves ? why don’t we […]


Living on the edge. . .

In the world of millions, I find myself standing nowhere. I started feeling that I am good for nothing. Everyone is going ahead in their life & I constantly putting my steps behind.I am struggling through the same childhood fear of academics.Instead of knowing everything that what I am doing and what will be its […]

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Age of adolescence 👬

‌People say love has no boundaries but it do have.In the beginning, the road to fall in love and the road to get attracted towards the opposite sex are not so different.But you will start getting the barriers in love once your hormonal attraction get corpse and your judgemental brain start working.I do agree with […]

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